Unpack and start playing right away: the new playsets are here! All Schleich figures are lovingly hand-painted with detailed modelling and allow children to learn as they play. The Miniature Shetland ponies have a new arrival! The newborn foal's ungainliness makes everyone at the stables laugh. When the groom fills a feeding box with crunchy apples, the foal comes right over and curiously investigates it with its muzzle.

Meanwhile, the stallion and the mare have started nosing at the bag of feed while nobody was looking. The groom shouldn't have let them out of his sight! The two miniature Shetland ponies are already energetically nibbling away to try and get to the feed inside the bags, which smells extremely tempting. Miniature Shetland Ponies are adorable little ponies. They belong to the same breed as Shetland Ponies, but differ from them in terms of size; their maximum height is 87 cm.


- 1x Miniature Shetland Stallion
- 1x Miniature Shetland Mare
- 1x Miniature Shetland Foal
- 1x Feed Box
- 1x Bucket, Blue
- 1x Apple, Red
- 1x Apple, Green
- 1x Bag of Treats


Fun Fact: Miniature Shetland foals are just 40 cm tall at birth.


Recommended age: 3 years plus

SCHLEICH Horse Club Shetland Pony Family

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