The Horse Club comes to life - great, new girl figures and adventurous tales about the 'Horse Club', made up of the four horse enthusiasts Hannah, Sofia, Lisa, and Sarah. The perfect add-on set for Sarah all about feeding and caring for baby animals. Just the right gift for Horse Club fans!

A Quarter horse foal has been born and Sarah is bottle-feeding it! The mare allows Sarah to approach and to groom the foal with the massage brush. Sarah completely forgets the time while brushing the foal. When she remembers, she rushes immediately to the puppy, who is just a few days old. The puppy is snuggled up in the fleecy blanket in its basket and eagerly awaiting its bottle.

Fun Fact
Sarah tends lovingly to the baby animals.


- 1x Quarter Horse Mare
- 1x Quarter Horse Foal
- 1x Puppy
- 1x Blanket
- 1x Little Basket
- 1x Little Bottle
- 1x Dog Bowl
- 1x Massage Brush
- 1x Apples


Recommended age: 3 years and above

Schleich Horse Club Sarah's Baby Animal Care Set

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