The SCHLEICH Horse Club comes to life - great, new girl figures and adventurous tales about the 'Horse Club', made up of the four horse enthusiasts Hannah, Sofia, Lisa, and Sarah. The perfect add-on set for Lisa all about tournament training. Just the right gift for Horse Club fans!

Lisa is training the Appaloosas for the upcoming horse show. When Lisa came by the Appaloosas' paddock one day, she saw the mare jumping over obstacles - even though the Kramers were actually intending to train her for western riding. Since then, Lisa has been training with the mare in secret. The small, speckled foal and the gelding watch curiously from the paddock.

- Premium Quality
- Motif: Horse Club Lisa's Tournament Training
- Paddocks Have Endless Possibilities for Extension and Can Be Combined with a Riding School and Horse Stalls
- Highly Detailed
- Great for Fun Playtime
- Dimensions (WxDxH): 9.65 x 2.05 x 7.48 Inch
- Suitable for Ages 5 to 12 Years
- Not Suitable for Ages 0 to 3 Years

Fun Fact
Lisa gives each of the Appaloosas an apple as a reward for doing so well in training.

- 1x Appaloosa Mare
- 1x Appaloosa Gelding
- 1x Appaloosa Foal
- 4x Paddocks
- 1x Hay Rack
- 1x Apples
- 1x Obstacle
- 1x Trophy

SCHLEICH Horse Club Lisa's Tournament Training Set

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