The Horse Club Advent Calendar tells the adventures of the kitten, dog and rabbit at the horse pasture. Every day they experience something exciting there: the rabbit discovers fresh apples that have dropped from the feed bucket of the Arabian foal. The baby cat climbs over the hay rack onto the back of the thoroughbred stallion, and the dog chews gleefully on his bone, while the Arabian mare does the same with her salt block.


24 doors to open with a hidden surprise inside! A perfect alternative to a chocolate calendar!


Highly detailed figures and accessories include:

- 1x Arabian Mare
- 1x Red Apples
- 1x Pink Horse Blanket
- 6x Brown Paddock
- 1x Green Bucket
- 1x Golden Retriever
- 1x Arabian Foal
- 1x Bone
- 1x Feeding Rack
- 3x Stickers
- 1x Small Bird
- 1x Beetroot
- 1x Kitten
- 1x Drinking Trough
- 1x Chew Block
- 1x Green Apples
- 1x Log
- 1x Grey Bunny
- 1x English Thoroughbred Stallion


Recommended age: 3 years and above

Schleich Horse Club Advent Calendar

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