Taking care of yourself as a Mama means you can take care of your family in the ways you want to. So, it’s important to take some time out, look after yourself and enjoy some Mama Me Time to be the best version of you.


On average, Mamas have just 17 minutes a day for Me Time.


This beautiful glass jar contains 30 tokens with Me Time Moment suggestions.

The tokens have been colour-coded depending whether you have more or less than 17 minutes available. There are also 4 extra blank tokens for you to choose your own Me Time Moments.


The Mama Me Time Moments Jar is the perfect way to plan in some all important time out but these jars also make beautiful gifts for any Mama (however old their children are!)


Me Time doesn’t need to be expensive so be as imaginative as you like withhow you spend those precious 17 minutes!

Me Time Moments Jar

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