SES presents a fantastic and unusual way for kids to get creative. With this fun and easy-to-use kit, start by making the cast models by tipping the safe mixture into the plastic moulds. Once it has set and dried paint the models however you like with the pots included, add glitter and even hair!  A great way of developing creativity, concentration and fine motor skills.


Kit includes:

  • 1 x 3D Mould
  • 1x Silver Glitter Tube
  • Curly Pink Hair
  • 6x Paint Pots,
  • 1x Paint Brush,
  • 1x Plaster
  • 4x Plastic Holders


Paint and Plaster are Easily Washable from Textiles and Skin


Recommended age: 5 years and above.

Glitter Horses Casting & Painting Set