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das.Brett balance boards support intuitive, imaginative play and exercise for children, and also fitness for teens and adults.


Children can balance, kneel, or lie on the board. They'll turn it into a slide, a bridge, or a pirate ship! The simplicity of the design stimulates their creativity. 


Teens and adults can use it for high- and low-intensity exercise, to improve their agility, endurance, strength, balance and coordination. Each das.Brett board comes with a booklet of cardio-vascular, strength, and yoga exercises.


This really is such a fun piece of fitness equipment that the whole family can benefit from with endless uses! Have a look at the board in more detail in this little demo video here.


These balance boards are suitable from age 3 to 103!


Here's a guide to the different finishes available:


Natural oiled finish this is the best choice if you intend to use your board inside your home predominantly in bare feet! The natural grain of the wood can really shine through! Over time, any little scratches can be re-worked by sanding down and applying a linen-based worktop oil.


Oiled mint finish - Similar properties to the natural oiled finish but just comes in an attractive mint colour. 


Lacquered - Choose a lacquered board for more protection if you wish to use your board outdoors and with muddy shoes! Please note the following when using your board outside: Do not leave the board outside, especially not at night. Do not expose it to moisture permanently. Moisture and water can damage the wood, the cork and the oiled or painted surface. Always wipe the board dry after use.


Cork base - Each of the above finishes comes with our without a cork base. For hard floors (e.g. tiles, parquet, laminate, wood) a cork base is recommended to reduce potentially dangerous slipping.


On soft surfaces such as carpet, lino or fitness mats then a board without cork  is well suited.


The cork underlay dampens noise, protects the floor and prevents it from slipping away quickly. We therefore recommend the version with cork for older or insecure people. In back exercises where the board is used as a base, the cork strips become a pleasant surface to rest on. However, if you want to surf sportily (e.g. on a carpet or a fitness mat), the version without cork (e.g. on a carpet or a fitness mat) is well suited.


What are das.Brett balance boards made of?


Natural beechwood (grown without pesticides in a sustainable forest in Thuringia, Germany) made into a 7-ply beech veneer; natural oils that are solvent-free, dermatologically tested, and even foodsafe; natural colours; natural cork.


das.Brett balance boards are manufactured at a specialist capenters in Germany.


Care/use instructions: No more than 1 person at a time. Weight limit 120 kg (18 st 12 lbs). Sports equipment, not a toy! Children under the age of 6 must be carefully supervised. Only use on a level surface!


Size: 86 cm long, 28 cm wide and 19 cm high



das.Brett Bouncy Wooden Balance Board

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