Transitioning from ‘Home-schooling’ to Easter ‘holidays’!!

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

During the first week at home with the kids I felt like we began to find some kind of rhythm; a routine and balance that worked for us as a family in the best way it could given the circumstances. But, come the second week and I don’t know about you guys but a fair few of our good habits began to slip a little!!

Even in normal times I find that by the last week of term fatigue is starting to set in for everyone and there is a general lack of enthusiasm and a reluctance to get out of bed in the mornings so throw this crazy lock-down situation into the mix and last-week-of-term-itis was even more highlighted!! Somehow we had inadvertently shifted into holiday time where everyone goes to bed late and wakes up really late in the morning! I know, I know - those of you whose kids wake up at 5am every single day without fail are hating me right now and I know we are lucky that they sleep in in the mornings BUT the downside of that is that they just will never go to bed so we have absolutely no evening time without one or other of the kids interrupting every 5 minutes!!

Due to this time shift, some of our routines from the first week fell by the wayside a bit! Nobody was up and ready to do P.E with Joe by 9am and although we did manage to do it a couple of days on catch up last week it was met with a lot less enthusiasm!

We did find, however, that we were flying through the school work a lot quicker this second week. Although that may be due to the fact that there was less to do as the work was winding down towards the end of term!

I think, in hindsight, that this second week of home-schooling and its subsequent loosening of routines and reduction in time spent on school work actually helped to transition in to this third week of lock-down which saw the start of the Easter ‘holidays’!!

Last weekend saw most of us parents facing the start of the school holidays with mixed emotions: on one hand feeling relieved to have a break from the school-based activities but then on the other hand wondering what the hell we were going to do with them for the next two weeks!!

So this week has been interesting: I have learnt that my children actually just love spending time playing at home. I would have thought they would be bored or moaning that they can‘t go places or see people but actually, as my friend‘s daughter so eloquently put it, they are “having the time of their lives”!!

I have to admit that our ’daily walk’ has become few and far between this week. The kids favouring simply playing in the garden instead. My daughter once said “what’s the point of going on a walk if you’re not walking to anywhere”!! And I’m sorry Joe Wicks, whilst I wholeheartedly admire and applaud your commitment to the cause I have to admit that we have not seen your bouncing curls even once this week!!

So whilst the kids have been loving this week of full-on play (and having us with them 24/7!) I have to admit that I have struggled with it a bit more! With a lack of routine I have found myself feeling lazy and unmotivated. I feel like I’ve barely got any work done this week, have been waking up late, often find myself still in my PJs at midday and don’t even get me started on the state of the house!!! How is is possible for two small people to make so much mess!! Plus I’ve started to see the kids beginning to irritate each other just that little bit more and getting irrationally upset over really minor things and some days if I hear “Muuuuuuuummy” shouted at me one more time I feel I may explode!!

BUT I stop and ask myself - does any of that really matter?? My family is happy, safe and healthy and at the end of the day that’s all that’s really important to me right now. So we have dust collecting on every surface in the house and I have a list of admin tasks as long as my arm stacking up but all that can wait because for now I choose to see the positives in this crazy and, yes, sometimes scary situation!

I see my children‘s relationship strengthening with every passing day, I watch them laugh, play and cuddle together

I see neighbours that I’ve never even seen before smiling and waving at each other whilst we come together on a Thursday night to clap for the NHS

I see our family building a den together in the common at 4pm on a Wednesday afternoon

I see smiles on the faces of friends and family when we come together over video calls

I see the whole country pulling together to do whatever we have to to get through this terrible situation.

And I see the sun shining this Good Friday morning and I’m reminded again that there is hope and there is love and I have no doubt that will see us through this troubled time.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter,

Rachel x

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