#ShopSmallSaturday - This week introducing Elisha from Rhubarb The Bird

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Every Saturday I am featuring a different small business, getting to know a little more about the business and the people behind the brands! This week I interview the lovely Elisha from Rhubarb The Bird.

I hope that by reading this interview you may find another small business to support or if you're interested in maybe starting your own business, you may find some inspiration here too...


Hi I’m Elisha the creator behind Rhubarb the Bird. Pre-covid I spent my days working part time, whilst being a mum to three Rhubarbettes. My evenings and free time are spent designing and making.

Rhubarb the Bird was born shortly after our third daughter. Being a mum to three beautiful girls they are my inspiration, models and testers for all my beautiful products. I really felt the need for quality and uniqueness by only having a selection of products made using the same material. My little aim is adding style that can be lovingly worn and passed down.

  • What’s your guilty pleasure?

Anything chocolate oh and cream, I have such a sweet tooth.

  • What makes your business a little different from the rest?

All my collections are handmade by me using Organic or Oeko-tex standard 100 fabric, I only make a handful of products in any one fabric making the products you buy unique. I like to think the variety of products I make are suitable for women and children.

  • What TV show could you happily lose a day bingeing on?

You will always catch me binging on a good soap, I am a sucker for Home and Away. (Blue sea, white sand - gets me every time) and anything murder mystery. Ive always got a series on record on Sky.

  • What is an absolute non-negotiable in your day?

My family, they come first. My girls are my number one priority

  • What topic would you speak about if you were asked to give a TED talk on something outside of your main area of expertise?

I LOVE houses and anything interior design, you will find me on Rightmove daily.

  • Tell us one thing about your business that you are most proud of?

For me, it’s been continuing my little dream and juggling mum life and working. I’m proud that I have found that happy medium and have wonderful customers and family who have supported me along the way.

  • What’s your favourite ever product that you currently sell or have sold?

Ohhh now this has got me thinking, its a close call but I would say my Alicebands followed by my button clips.

  • What is the best or most worthwhile investment you’ve made? Could be an investment of money, time, energy, or other re-source. How did you decide to make the investment?

Without a doubt my sewing machine, I was using my mums sewing machine which was near on 50 years old. My new machine is fantastic and it has helped me trial and create new designs.


  • What’s been the biggest change to you and your business during this crazy Covid-19 lockdown?

It’s been a change for the better for me, as I have had time to focus on my little business. I chose at the beginning to stop all deliveries as I was concerned about spreading the virus which saw a negative impact. As time has carried on and lockdown has been eased I decided to start up again and dispatch weekly and I have not looked back, definitely the best decision I’ve made.

  • What’s your favourite thing about running your own business?

I love receiving notifications of your orders and seeing the products you have selected. It gets me excited on what I get to make

  • What do you or would you outsource if you could?

There’s no hesitation with this question, social media. I have no idea where everyone gets the time. It’s a whole job in itself. You need to be consistent, current and creative.

  • Who or what inspires you?

My daughters, sometimes all it takes is a cuddle to remind you of what’s most important.

  • What’s your favourite podcast or book that’s helped you with an area of your business?

I’ve got to be honest here and say I just don’t have the time. You're more likely to find me reading books to my girls before bed. We love a Julia Donaldson book and A snail and a Whale is a top favourite of mine

  • Do you have a favourite quote or just one you really like? Why do you like it?

“How do you spell ‘Love’?” “You don’t spell it you feel it” - Pooh

  • If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out with their business or wanting to start, what would it be?

Definitely do your research and know your market. Oh, and you’ve got to have passion and love what you do

  • Do you have any new products that you’re excited to tell people about?

I do have a couple of new products in the pipeline, but right now I’m currently working on my Autumn / Winter range which I am so excited to launch. Keep an eye out for some sneak peaks and release date soon.


So there you have it guys, I really hope you have enjoyed learning more about Elisha and her fabulous business, if you'd like to find out more, you can visit her online shop at www.Rhubarbthebird.com and follow her on Instagram or Facebook @rhubarbthebird

If you run a small business and would like to be featured here on another Shop Small Saturday Guest Blog, please get in touch.

Happy Saturday and thank you for supporting small businesses,

Rachel x

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