Rainy Day Activities

I hope you're all enjoying your half terms?!? For us, it's a bit of a wash-out so we've been doing a lot at home! So I thought it might be helpful to write up a little blog of some of our favourite indoor activities for those rainy days...

  1. Lego building

We do love a bit of Lego in the Happy Cat Kids house! I love the creativity it can unleash in the kids and also for little ones it's such a great activity for developing those fine motor skills that are so key for early writing! It's a proud day for us here today as my 5 year old just completed his first Lego set that he built all by himself!!

2. Baking

You may love or hate baking with kids but the kids do love it! For some slightly more healthy treat recipes I personally love anything from Fearne Cotton's cookbooks or there are some wonderful vegan treat recipes at The Natural Slice - yesterday we made some delicious chocolate and roasted chickpea clusters!

When baking with the kids wipe-clean aprons can be essential! We have a lovely selection on our site in Unicorn, Dinosaur or Transport designs.

3. Jigsaw Puzzles

OK so maybe this is more my favourite activity than the kids! But we do like to have a go at some puzzles! One of my favourites for little ones is this snake alphabet puzzle which is fab because not only it is it a lovely wooden puzzle but it also helps the kids with learning letters and colours too.

4. Crafting!

I have to admit, I do have to be in the right mood to do crafting with the kids so that's why I do love a ready-made set! That way you don't have to go hunting round the house for various random toilet roll middles, cotton wool and, dare I say the word, glitter!!! These casting sets are fab for slightly older kids (if you're not allergic to a little mess!!) Lots of different kits available: horses, dinosaurs, cars, animals, etc. and everything you need to make them is included in the sets.

If you prefer crafting that's a little more mess-free then I can recommend something like our beginner's embroidery kits. Lots more craft activities are available in our creative gifts section.

5. Puddle jumping!

You know what they say - if you can't beat them, join them! If the rain just won't let up then stick on a pair of wellies, grab one of our fabulous magic colour-changing umbrellas and get out there and get wet!!

I'd love to know what rainy-day activities your kids love, drop them in the comments below...

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