Rachel's Top Picks For Christmas Gifts

I hope you are all enjoying browsing through my Christmas Shop? You may have noticed that one of the sections in the Christmas Shop is Rachel's Top Picks - I thought I would just write a little blog post to explain this section in a bit more detail...

So basically, When you're looking for gifts I know that sometimes it can be hard to know where to start so I created this little collection to help inspire you with your gift buying! What you'll see is a selection of some of my top picks for Christmas gifts this year! They have all been personally selected by me because they are some of my best sellers, firm favourites from when I've shown them to people at markets or just ones that I and my little product testers personally love!

There are 25 gifts in total in my top picks section and believe me when I say it was so hard to narrow it down to just 25! I hope you enjoy browsing through the whole selection but I thought in this blog post I'd just highlight a few of these gifts in some more detail...

First up is our ever popular wooden peacock colours

Choosing this particular toy was a bit of a no-brainer because not only do absolutely love it, you guys do too! Every time I get some of these in stock they sell out straight away and it's easy to see why! Kids really love how fun the world looks through the different colours and parents love how this toy not only looks beautiful but can be a great education aid as well, encouraging little ones to explore the effects of mixing different colours over the top of each other! At just £17.50 too it's a very reasonably priced wooden toy that will last and last! I will have one more delivery before Christmas of these beautiful toys arriving at the start of December and I anticipate they will sell out fast again so you can pre-order yours here!

Next I want to highlight these beautiful little knitted dolls that come in gorgeous gift boxes!

I literally cannot get over how adorable these little knitted dolls are!! Am I too old to have one myself?!?

Next up, let me show you these super sweet little my first teddies...

Made from natural rubber and organic cotton, these little teddies are suitable from birth and make perfect natural teething toys too! No nasty chemicals in these lovely friends! Which would you choose - Alvin the Elephant or Havah the Bunny??

Finally, I had to share with you with the absolute sweetest little wooden train...

I chose this super cute little train because not only is it painted with such beautiful pastel colours, the little animal characters that ride in the carriages are unbelievably sweet! What little one wouldn't enjoy pulling this train around? And at just £19 there is a lot of play value in this toy.​

I hope you've enjoyed these little highlights from my top picks, click here to see the full collection which I hope helps to inspire your gift choices!

Happy Shopping!

Rachel x

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