How to do a pre-Christmas Toy Cull

It is at this time of year that the kids start to write their Christmas lists and the relatives start to ask you what the kids might want as a present, you take a look in the playroom or the kids' bedrooms and it can feel a bit overwhelming! Do the kids have too many toys already? What things do they still play with? What could they do with???? Here is where a little pre-Christmas toy cull can be an absolute game-changer!

Does your toy box look a bit like this?!?

1. Little by little Vs. the complete Marie Kondo!

So in my mind there are two main ways to do a good toy sort-out: You could Marie Kondo the s*** out of it by setting aside a day (or two!) and basically collecting up every single toy in the house and making a massive pile in one room of them all!! (If you've got more than one child, you'd probably need to do separate piles for each child's toys!) Once you have your huge pile, firstly pour yourself a large glass of wine, then set about picking up each toy in turn and assessing it! The other style, little by little, is my personal favourite because it's less overwhelming and you can spread the job out over a longer period of time, just doing little sort outs as when you have a spare 10-20 mins! With that method, I like to pick one drawer or storage box at a time, tip out the contents and sort through them. This way you can just do one drawer/box/shelf at a time as and when you can rather than having a huge pile of toys all over the middle of your living room!!

2. Decide on your sorting piles

I like to use large boxes or the big Ikea bags for this! You then need to decide how you are going to sort the toys, this is the system I like to use:

  • A Toys I know we want to keep

  • B Toys I know we have finished with

  • C Toys I'm not sure get played with much anymore/child might have grown out of

  • D Toys we want to keep but need fixing/cleaning/new batteries, etc. before they can be played with again

I'll then sort through each of those categories a little further:

  • A These toys can go back in the drawer/box/shelf or find a new home for

  • B With these toys I would then separate into toys that can be donated to charity, toys that we'll want to sell, toys that I want to put away and keep for sentimental reasons, toys that have sadly come to the end of their life and need to be recycled if possible or thrown away

  • C I'll come back to these toys in a moment in point 3!

  • D Get these toys sorted and back into operation as soon as possible otherwise they'll just continue to lurk at the bottom of the toy box and not get played with!

3. Create a halfway house/toy purgatory!!

Remember those toys in category C that you really don't think your child plays with anymore but you just can't be 100% sure right now!! What I do with these is put them all in a box and put them somewhere out of sight like the garage or loft. I then set a timescale for these toys - maybe 6 months, or a year if you're feeling generous!! If your child has not asked about any of those toys in that box during that time then you can be confident at the end of their time in toy purgatory that they can be safely added to category B and passed onto the next stage of their journey!

4. Look at possible gaps for the kids' Christmas lists!

Now you've cleared out all the things your child no longer plays with you're in the perfect position to see where some gaps may be of things they can now add to their Christmas lists! Maybe they need some more imaginative play toys?

Or it's time for a lovely new companion??

Or perhaps some new craft kits?

5. Assess your storage situation

So now you've had a good old sort out of all the toys, cleared out the ones you no longer need and had a think about what new ones may be coming in, you can take a look at your storage and see if it's working out for you. Are you someone who likes all the toys tidied away out of sight or do you prefer to have shelves with the toys on display and easily picked up. Personally I choose a mixture of both. We have the good old favourite Ikea Trofast units but I found that often toys were never making it out of the drawers so I created labels for the fronts with words and pictures of what was inside so the kids could see easily what was there to be played with. We also have some of the larger toys and Lego creations on display on top of the units.

Top tip: Don't buy new storage until after you've had the sort-out. Often you think you need more storage but once you've had a good clear out you actually don't need as much storage as you think you do!

If you're looking for a beautiful toy box that your little one can fill with some of their favourites and move from room to room themselves then I can highly recommend this gorgeous pull-along bear cart!

I also love to display the kids books so they can easily see them and choose their own! This lovely forest bookcase is perfect for doing just that!

I hope that's inspired you to have a toy sort out of your own! Once you've done your sorting and you want to have a browse through a fab selection of toys to add to your child's Christmas list then look no further than Happy Cat Kids - we've got you covered!

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