100 Days Of Lockdown - A Poem

I can’t believe that today is the 100th day of lockdown!!! So to mark the occasion I’ve written a little poem! I hope you enjoy...

100 Days of Lockdown

100 days of lockdown, can it really be so

that we've spent 100 days with nowhere fun to go?

On that fateful first day when we all watched wide-eyed

as Boris told us to stay home and save lives.

A few weeks, we all thought, we can manage that!

Go on walks, binge on Netflix and lots of Zoom chats!

But as the shine started to wear on PE with Joe Wicks

we began to realise that this was not a quick fix!

The kids were stuck home, the cafes and shops closed

Juggling work and home-schooling would keep us on our toes!

To begin with the kids were happy to be home

free from the routines and the structure they'd known.

But as the weeks wore on, the boredom set in

As did the constant demand for snacking!

As the restrictions gradually began to lift

to sit 2 metres from your friend was truly a gift!

We've all got used to chats on front drives

and zoom has become vital in all of our lives!

So here we are now at the 100 day mark

when the most excitement we've had are picnics in the park!

It's 100 days since we've used another loo

or hugged a friend or had a date night for two.

100 days since we went browsing round shops

or went out to a restaurant or sat in a coffee shop!

100 days since our kids were at school

and our houses were silent for an hour or two!

One hundred days since I've worked without distraction,