So tomorrow (Monday 1st June) marks quite a significant milestone as some key lockdown measures will begin to be relaxed and for many of us this may have meant some difficult decisions being made. Some of you may be preparing to send your children back to school tomorrow whilst others may have decided that is not right yet for their family. Some of you may be planning garden meetups with friends and family and some of you may feel this is too soon for you. Everyone has their own individual stories and unique situations so, not that I have any authority to give advice, but if you'll indulge me my opinion I think it boils down to 3 simple things: Be kind, don't judge others and do what's right for you and your family!

Often, myself included, we are too quick to criticise and it feels so easy to judge others but let's try to take a pause before we do that. We may think we have all the information but we can never truly know what is going on for others, you cannot know someone's full situation and what is right for one person may not be right for another.

If you're anything like me, the beginning of these relaxing of measures fills you with mixed emotions: on one hand you're so excited to be able to meet up with friends and family and begin to have more human connection (albeit at a 2m distance of course!) but on the other hand you're filled with doubt and question whether it is the right time to make changes for your family. All I can say is that I think it's ok to feel any of these emotions (and fluctuate wildly between them as well!) This is a completely new situation to us all and we are learning as we go. By all means try to make informed decisions but, in my personal experience, no good comes from endless scrolling of various different 'expert opinions' - at the end of the day, I say trust your gut and make whatever decisions feel right for you in that moment.

Sending big virtual hugs to any kids, teachers and other school staff heading back to the classrooms tomorrow and even bigger hugs to anyone still struggling to make their decision!

Rachel xx

I'm really excited to let you know that Happy Cat Kids will be taking part in the virtual shop small event this weekend along with an incredible line-up of wonderful small brands!

To get involved you need to head over to the Shop Small Event Instagram page this weekend and check out all the fabulous stalls and some exclusive offers and product launches, there will also be lives taking place all throughout the weekend - you don't want to miss it!

Take a look below at the full line-up and set reminders for your favourite brands. The Happy Cat Kids exlcusive offers will be launched at 8.20pm on the Saturday.

Happy shopping and thank you for supporting small businesses during this time!

I’m very excited to announce that I’m launching another#brandrepsearch!! I’m looking for a small team of Happy Cat Kids and their parents to join me this summer helping to support and promote Happy Cat Kids.


Here’s the rules:

1. To enter please create a post using the brand rep search photo on my Instagram feed and 2-4 photos of your child that clearly shows both their personality and your photography style. Tag @happycatkids in the post, use the hashtag #happycatkidsrepsearch and comment on my post to let me know you’ve entered. Feel free to tag any friends you think might also be interested.

2. You don’t need to have bought from Happy Cat Kids before but you must generally love the things we sell!

3. Closing date is Wednesday 27th May.

4. The brand rep period will run from 1st June until 30th September 2020.

5. You will be expected to make at least two purchases during your time as a rep and post photos of your child with the toys/gifts tagging@happycatkidsand using#happycatkids in your posts.

6. In return you will receive 20% off all your purchases during your brand rep term and will also have a personal 10% off code to give out to family and friends. Freebies will be discretionary and given in cases of exceptional brand support!

Good luck!

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