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Here at Happy Cat Kids I am thrilled to be supporting this wonderful charity again this Christmas for the 3rd year running! Thank you for your interest in donating a toy to a deserving child this Christmas. Here's what you need to know:

Happy Days Children’s Charity supports a huge number of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) so if you’d like to purchase a toy with SEND in mind, here are a few thoughts which might help:


  • Because of their learning challenges, SEN children don’t always respond to books, puzzles or toys that children in mainstream schools would.

  • BUT they do respond very well to toys with a sensory element! (For example: Light up/ flashing/ vibrating toys, toys with textured surfaces such as fluffy bears etc)

  • Ignore the upper suggested age range which would normally be shown on a toy (e.g. this is suitable for children up to the age of 7) Sensory toys will suit a wide range of ages of children we work with. 

  • To make things simple, I have created a collection below of Happy Cat Kids toys that all fit the above guidelines.

  • When selecting your gift(s), please enter the code: HAPPYDAYS at the checkout so that you won't be charged a delivery fee (I will hand-deliver all your kind donations directly to Happy Days HQ for you.)

  • For convenience and to save you time, you will also find below an option to purchase gift vouchers of an amount of your choice. If you would rather select this option instead of having to choose specific gifts then I will donate appropriate gifts on your behalf to the value of your donation.

  • What's more - I will additionally donate directly to Happy Days Children's Charity 20% of the purchase price of all your gifts you buy for this appeal!

If you have any further questions, please click on the chat box on my site or drop me an email at info@happycatkids.co.uk. If you have any specific questions regarding the Happy Days Children's Charity you can email them at nicky@happydayscharitry.org